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      November 11, 2021 at 12:08 pm

      We had an amazing experience at 6Head lastnight. The service, food and atmosphere were top notch.

      What we had.
      Wagyu Bresaola 9+ – Amazing marbling and taste. I actually had this with the bread and wagyu butter and it was delicious.

      Bread with Smoked Wagyu Butter – The bread was soft on the inside and tough enough to use your hands to pull it apart, delicious and very fresh. The wagyu butter was soft and creamy, definitely a must have entree.

      Calamari – Who knew such a simple dish could be gourmet, by far the freshest and best calamari I’ve had this year

      Game Farm Spatchcock – The spatchcock was little on the salty side, very well cooked and once you added the mushrooms, purée and jus together it was a very tasty perfectly balanced meal

      Fillet – 200g Tender Valley, Grain Fed 200 Days
      Refer to attached photo to see how perfectly this was cooked. The taste was amazing and it was definitely aged, melted in your mouth but still let you chew into it to get the flavours out.

      Two Hands ‘Sexy Beast’ Cabernet Sauvignon
      Fantastic drop. I ended up going home and ordering a case of this. Great value and went perfectly with the meal

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